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The Ameripolish line of products has undergone some major changes, and many of you may have some questions. Ameripolish wanted to take the guess work out of their products to be more user friendly. Thus, many of their products are packaged “ready to use”. No longer do you need to add water yourself.

As Ameripolish updates their product line, they have developed some new products while eliminating some old ones.

Ameripolish 3D HS Densifier


Ameripolish 3D HS (aka Ameripolish Densifier)

Ameripolish has replaced their Densifier product with the 3D HS. The product works exactly as before but comes ready to use. The smallest available size is 5 gallon.

 Ameripolish 3D SP Stain Protector  

Ameripolish 3D SP Stain Protector
 (aka Ameripolish Stain Protector)

Ameripolish has replaced their standard Stain Protector with the 3D SP.  The product comes in a ready to use formula and works similarly to the previous Stain Protector. It comes available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon sizes.

 Ameripolish SR2 Stain Resistor

Ameripolish SR2 Stain Resistor
(aka Advanced Stain Protector)

Ameripolish has developed a more advanced type of stain protector called SR2. It was specifically designed to repel both oil and water on most hard surfaces while providing real stain protection without forming a typical film like “guard” stain protectors. The SR2 is meant for more high traffic areas. It comes available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon sizes.

 Ameripolish Color Juice

Color Juice Dye

Ameripolish has turned their dye into two different parts: the Color Juice Colorant and the Color Juice Hardener. No longer does the color juice dye require you to add water, but simply combine the two parts together.

 Ameripolish X-Link WB Surface Sealer

Ameripolish X-Link WB Surface Sealer
 (aka Exterior/Interior Color Juice Sealer)

Ameripolish has eliminated the need for the exterior/interior Color Juice Sealer and replaced it with the X-Link WB Surface Sealer. The product acts as a sealer and stain protector for exterior and interior concrete.  It comes ready to use and is available in 1 gallon sizes.

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