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Whether you are new to applying Color Juice 3D on a concrete floor or a skilled professional, we have tips and tricks that will help any contractor or homeowner apply stain correctly the first time. To some, the process may seem daunting, but by following these 4 steps, it drastically simplifies the application.


  1. Surface Preparation

    Make sure to properly cover the walls to protect it from any damage that may take place. Prepare the surface by grinding the floor with hybrid resins. This opens up the pores in the concrete to allow the Color Juice 3D stain to penetrate the surface. 
  2. Water Test

    Perform the water test by pouring some water on the prepped surface. If the floor soaks in the water, then concrete is ready to apply the Color Juice 3D stain. However, if the floor does not accept the water, then the concrete pores are not opened enough to accept the stain. The surface needs to be grinded once more.

  3. Apply Color Juice 3D Stain

    The Color Juice comes in two bottles: hardener and colorant. Merely add the colorant to the hardener and shake well. To apply the color, make sure to use a quality sprayer like the Patriot Sprayer 500 as seen in the video. Use a spray tip with a very fine mist for the best color application. This allows the color to evenly distribute and not puddle up on the floor. 

  4. Apply Ameripolish X-Link WB Surface Sealer

    After the stain has dried, apply the Ameripolish X-Link WB Surface Sealer on the concrete to lock in that amazing color. The sealer has UV protection that helps preserves that vibrant color from fading.     

By following these 4 simple steps, applying color with Color Juice 3D Stain has never been easier. And if you are more comfortable watching in Spanish, click HERE


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