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A common question we get asked is, “What Ameripolish dye is right for my polished concrete floor?” There are three different products that we recommend to our customers based on their projects: Ameripolish Classic, Surelock, or Colorjuice 3D.

Ameripolish Classic Dye

Ameripolish Classic DyeBy far the most popular dye amongst our customers is the Ameripolish Classic dye, which is a solvent based penetrating dye. It comes in a powder-based form and mixes with acetone to produce a truly vibrant color. The color penetrates deeps within the concrete and will not grind off during resin-grinding stages of polished concrete. Classic dye is meant for indoor use only.

DCP Tip: We suggest premixing the Ameripolish Classic Dye with acetone overnight before applying it to the concrete.

Quick Look:

  • Solvent-based dye that mixes with acetone
  • Colors penetrate the surface and never wears off
  • For indoor use only
  • 400-600 sq ft per gallon
  • Comes in 22 colors

Ameripolish Surelock DyeAmeripolish Surelock Dye

 The Ameripolish Surelock Dye comes in the same colors as the Ameripolish Classic, but can be mixed with either water or acetone. This is perfect for situations where solvent dyes cannot be used like hospitals or hotels. Surelock is a chemical bonding dye that is VOC compliant and includes UV stabilizers to help resist fading. The pre-dissolved concentrate liquid is fast and easy to use.

Quick Look:

  • Chemically bonding dye that mixes with water or acetone
  • VOC compliant
  • UV Stabilizers help keep the vibrant colors from fading
  • For indoor use only
  • 400-600 sq ft per gallon


Ameripolish Colorjuice 3D DyeAmeripolish Colorjuice 3D

Now if you are working on an outdoor project, Ameripolish Colorjuice 3D is for you. The Colorjuice line is a two-part exterior concrete colorant that is water based and UV stable. It is ideal for porous concrete finishes such as broom-finished or stamped concrete including pavements, porches, patios, driveways, sidewalks, and pool decks. Although it is an exterior concrete colorant, it can be used indoors as well. For best results, Colorjuice 3D needs to be paired with the Ameripolish X-Link WB Surface Sealer.

Quick Look:

  • Ideal for interior or exterior use
  • Available in 24 transparent colors
  • 2- part product (Colorant & Hardener)
  • Water-based  and UV stable
  • Use with X-Link WB Surface Sealer
  • 400-600 sq ft per gallon


If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 619-701-3937 or email us at info@dcpsupplies.com and a knowledgeable sales representative will assist you. 

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