New OSHA Regulations

Every day throughout the world, thousands of people are exposed to the harmful silica dust. OSHA estimates that more than 2.3 million workers in the United States alone are exposed to silica dust. 90% of the exposed individuals work in the construction industry.

As of September 23, 2017, OHSA's regulations are in effect. 

  • Measure the amount of silica that workers are exposed to if it may be at or above action level of 25 ug/m3 (micrograms of silica per cubic meter of air), everaged over an eight- hour day.
  • Protect workers for respirable crystalline silica exposures above the permissible exposure limit of 50 ug/m3, averaged over an eight-hour day.
  • Use dust controls to protect workers from silica exposures above the PEL.
  • Provide respirators to workers when dust controls cannot limit exposures to the PEL.

One of the easiest ways to comply with OSHA's new regulations is by wet cutting. The wet cutting method utilizes water when cutting or grinding products which contain silica dust. The water encapsulates the crystalline silica particles and is safer to the employees and to the public due to the lowered risk of inhalation of silica dust.

GELMAXX has the solution! Wet cutting can be messy and difficult to dispose of. Wet cutting can potentially save lives from silicosis. With GelMaxx clean up is easy, disposing of "wet cutting" slurry is no longer a hastle. GelMaxx is safe for the environment as well as employees handling it. 

Silicosis is preventable! Lets take actions together! #stopsilicosis forever!