Pullman Ermator HEPA Vac 2HP 12 Gallon

Pullman Ermator HEPA Vac 2HP 12 Gallon

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The popular 2HP, 2 stage long-life motor makes this HEPA vacuum a true 'work horse' for heavy duty services in professional abatement work. It offers superior vacuum recovery, ranging from dry, light particulates, to wet, heavy debris; hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, concrete/silica dust, etc.


- High efficiency 'Drop-in' style HEPA filter is individually tested and certified
- Air seal gasket between the motorhead and tanks form a positive lock fit
- Polyester prefilter is located on the bottom of the HEPA filter
- Filter bag covers the entire space sleeve and HEPA filter for 3-stage filtration
- Heavy duty poly tank with large dump valve
- Cart and handle for easy transport
- 25 foot power cord

- Water Lift = 105"
- CFM = 110
- Recovery Wet = 12 Gallons


(619) 701-DYES (3937)