ASL Industrial T220 Vacuum Cleaner

ASL Industrial T220 Vacuum Cleaner

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The ASL Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 1 is a powerful, high-performance vacuum. There are two models available: 220-240V and 380-440V. A unique feature of this vacuum is the self cleaning filter, where a mechanism will periodically clear the filter to ensure maximum performance. This vacuum has the ability to connect to the ASL RT3 Remote & Ride on Floor Grinding Machine, so that they can both be operated by one worker to save time and cut down on labor. The control panel has simple operating settings for quick use.


VOLTAGE 220-240V | 1 or 3 Phase 380-440V | 3 Phase
POWER 2200W 4000W
MAXIMUM VACUUM 118 in Aq (3000 mm Aq) 142 in Aq (3600 mm Aq)
MAXIUMUM AIRFLOW 20 ft3/min (6.2m3/min) 33 ft3/min (10m3/min)
WEIGHT 265 lbs (120 kg) 265 lbs (120 kg)
DIMESION 35" x 24" x 57" (900 x 600 x 1450 mm) 35" x 24" x 57" (900 x 600 x 1450 mm)
NOISE 35db 35db