ASL PRO9 Propane Floor Grinding Machine

ASL PRO9 Propane Floor Grinding Machine

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The ASL Pro 9 is an astonishing 30-inch floor grinding/polishing machine, and the first propane grinding machine within the ASL line. Specifically built for speed and performance, the machine allows the operator to work without worrying about cords or having insufficient power.

The aluminum alloy gearbox and planetary gear river are designed to create a remarkably flat grind while producing smooth surfaces as well as polishing. The Pro 9 can also function as a burnisher to produce an incredible shine.

With the magnetic plates, changing diamonds and metals become a simple task. Through our integrated weight system, head pressure can be adjusted by lifting the weight towards the front or the back of the machine.

 Model  Pro 9
Power  27 HP Propane 
Motor Kawasaki 
Disc Speed  300-1800 RPM
Grinding Width  30 Inches (750 MM)
Disc Diameter  10 inch x 3 (250 MM x 3 )
Proprane Tank  20 Ibs (9 kg)
Weight  859 Ibs
Water Tank  8 Gallons (30 liters)
Swing Weights  57 Lbs Each 



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