GelMaxx - Total Slurry Solutions - ECO-QUICKgel 50 Lb.

GelMaxx Total Slurry Solutions - ECO-QUICKgel 50 Lb. Bag

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GelMaxx ECO-QUICKgel is the Total Slurry Solutions that absorbs liquid solids into a safe material that keeps the slurry from emulsifying and can be diposed of immediately. 20 grams per gallon of treated material will create a gel like substance within minutes that is safe to dispose of in a standard waste container. The construction industry is faced with the increasing regulation for slurry waste water and compliant disposal is at the top of the list. ECO-QUICKgel can reduce the liability and the cost for slurry water disposal.  


  • EPA compliant and 100% organic
  • Eco-friendly, reducing waste and saving water
  • Makes slurry clean up much easier and more cost effective 
  • 9095B Paint Filler Test for proper disposal in landfills
  • TCLP compliance ensures our products won't leach into the ground
  • Turbidity levels for safe usage of the recycled water
  • TSS levels for efficient usage of separated water


  • Liquid waste clean up
  • Coring and cutting
  • Grinding and polishing
  • Concrete washouts
  • And in many more applications

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